Innovation Cloud Pricing

Innovation Cloud is forever free. Everything that’s free today will be free tomorrow.

Free? Did we finally lose it?
Nah. We have lots more to share, so for now, please enjoy this fully functional and free innovation tool without time limit.

Our vision of the Free idea management remains, as we strongly believe that idea management should be accessible for all, big or small.
You might be wondering where the catch is at this point, right? No catch.

We already have a winning solution, called DataStation, which covers the complete innovation management cycle and is serviced to clients across the globe. We are stable, we are growing and we are here to stay. So don’t worry about the future of this service.

If, in any case, your initiative outgrows the capabilities of the free tool, we prepared great Pro packages, to match any idea management requirement Fees for Pro packages are also complimentary to our vision.


Innovation cloud pricing