FFL challenge with LegoBats and LegoBuzz

DataStation Innovation Cloud could not ask for a more entertaining beginning of 2017! We had a unique opportunity to support and mentor (and have fun with) two FFL teams from Kragujevac. Together with professors Katarina Veljković, Ljubića Mudrić Stanišlovski, Ana Stanković, Slavica Marković and Milomir Stefanović, our developer Marina Banjević was a mentor to both LegoBats and LegoBuzz teams from Kragujevac. 
These two teams had to choose and solve real-world problems as a part of the Project related to FFL challenge “Animal Allies”. LegoBats team’s aspiration was to assist visually impaired people by researching bats and their ability to easily move and find their way in complete darkness. LegoBuzz team was trying to help beekeepers using their “smart hive” project which would be used to gather information about the current state of the hive via variety of sensors and send this information to the beekeeper. The innovative thought was clearly visible in both ideas and both of them can find practical use in real world. All of this was presented within the How We Do (FLL core values) and shown in What We Do (Robot game).
The final competition of the FIRST Lego League 2016/2017 tournament in Serbia was held in Belgrade, on 21.01.2017. Among sixteen teams from Serbia, age 9-16, our two teams won three different awards. In the “Tournament champion” category, LegoBats won 2nd place and LegoBuzz won 3rd place. Additionally, LegoBuzz won the award for “Best visual identity”.
Thanks to Marina, this is the second year DataStation Innovation Cloud has the privilege to support and mentor little scientists and engineers in the FIRST Lego League. She will continue to guide them on their journey to the regional tournament in Slovenia.

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