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Hi Innovator,

In our previous topic we wrote how you can Put Your Ideas In Motion using the Innovation Cloud

Today, we write to all those who recognize their people as the main driver of the business success. 

You already understand the necessity of the creativity and innovation for the sustained growth, so we are good. 

What we need to do is to convince the others of that important fact. 

We understand that time and budget are two major obstacles in achieving that, so we created Innovation Cloud - Free online idea management software, to help you kick start innovation at your organization and unlock your innovation potential. 

You can use it to collect ideas from your colleagues, customers and partners and turn them into solutions. 

First, you need to start your account at

You will receive an activation email shortly and voila! You gain access to all you need to start a challenge based on your needs, call people to engage and profit from their knowledge, experience and ideas.

All that absolutely Free and for as long as you need.


Innovation Cloud Team

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