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How remote working can improve your Innovation Process and increase productivity? By Deana - 3 min read

How remote working can improve your Innovation Process and increase productivity?

Up until just a few months ago, most employers frowned at remote working. The assumption that remote working is not suitable for the majority of businesses was enough to keep them from trying it out. And then came Covid19. It forced many businesses to adapt to the newfound situation and to finally take remote working into consideration. Many businesses, not accustomed to this way of working, had no other choice. And guess what, it turned out to be not so bad after all. For some, it became a key for survival, for others, a way to prosper. Either way, remote working became the “make it or break it” innovative way of organizing time and space. If you are still in doubt about remote working, and if you are not sure if your business should support it, let’s see the benefits it can bring to your business, and see if it fits your style:

1. Timesaver

You cannot buy time, but you can spend it more wisely. Remote working enables you to organize your time more efficiently, both professionally and personally. Removing long commutes from this equation is just one plus to it. Remote working results in a better work-life balance and a happier and more motivated workforce. In the long run, it can also lead to higher retention rates and add to your business’s attractiveness in the eyes of the jobseekers.

2. Productivity

A satisfied and happy team translates to willingness and more energy to engage in innovation activities and innovation processes. Fresh ideas will be flowing into your innovation funnel from all sides, all the time. Your team members will have more freedom to explore the world beyond work, find pleasure in it, and draw inspiration from it. Some of the best ideas happen when you least expect them.

3. Attractive job giver

For some jobseekers, the opportunity to work remotely is a huge plus. Some prefer the autonomy and freedom remote working has to offer, even if it means a slightly lower income in some cases. The retention rate we’ve already mentioned is a confirmation for the jobseeker that the business must be a good choice since people tend to stay there. And of course, another aspect to take into consideration is that you, as an attractive business, will be able to attract more qualified potential employees.

4. Costs

Adapting to remote working and adopting this way of organizing your business, or at least some parts of it, could potentially become a big money saver. It can directly lower your fixed costs such as rent, energy, and other costs you might be having. This means more money to invest in a new cycle. There are many collaborating platforms, videoconferencing, and cloud services that could help you execute remote working and truly experience the benefits it has to offer.

Let’s make one thing clear. Remote working does not mean isolation - no contact nor connections amongst you and your team members. That integral part of the business is preserved, although done in a different manner using available technology. It also does not mean less discipline and focus. Some ground rules need to be laid down and every team member must stay well-informed about what’s going on in the company, with other team members, and keep up to date with the industry you are working in.


If you are looking for ways to transition to remote working or to incorporate some aspects of it, Innovation Cloud is the perfect choice for you and your business. It offers a unique collaboration platform where you and your team members can engage, work together, and capitalize on your ideas. Innovating has never been more fun and easy!

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