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Importance of adapting your innovation process during the crisis By Andjela - 3 min read

Importance of adapting your innovation process during the crisis

Corporate innovation is highly treasured even in regular conditions and is now required more than ever before. Global demands for online collaboration software have been increasing in recent years but we are now seeing an outbreak of it, given the global business situation we are all experiencing. Remote working, distinguished by online collaboration, tackles every business process including innovation programs. The level of innovation in companies can vary but the last thing that should be done right now is to give up on innovation management, and this applies even to the organizations with a low level of innovation engagement. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Corporate innovation is supposed to make existing processes easier in order to increase productivity. Looking at your products and services, an opportunity that arises with this new landscape is a great place to start innovating or to continue even stronger. Incremental or breakthrough innovation - it doesn’t matter as long as your company is fulfilling the newly created market needs.

Thanks to the volume of challenges it meets, innovation management is constantly evolving and now, being needed more than ever before, we turn to its overlooked benefits. Using online software to guide your whole innovation process has many benefits, some of which are widely recognized and others unfairly put aside. Not wanting to waste your time in this time of need, we’ll list a couple of examples of these benefits:


Collaboration is not about just being connected, it nurtures mutual assistance among employees with a clear goal to achieve joint synergy in performing everyday tasks and completing innovation projects.

Brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming sessions are a part of the creative process that generates fresh thinking and looking at challenges from different perspectives. The traditional method of doing business involves meetings face-to-face to discuss current issues and the ability to perform it online is the most demanding challenge, now.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is taking the central role in innovation management. Their contribution is extremely valuable and cherished in every innovation-oriented organization, and it is understandable why we need their engagement maximized.

Delegating roles

Delegating roles to your employees is a way of determining what everyone’s job should be and what kind of contribution is expected from each employee and the ability to do this online and with transparency for everyone involved provide a huge benefit to this stay-at-home working model.


Flexibility that software provides for your company is another important advantage that puts you in a superior position over your competition which is still not using digital collaborative innovation management solutions.


Scalability is another attribute of our software that can help your company to manage not only remote teams during the crisis but also the entire organization on every level. Meeting different volumes of demand is a priority and you don’t have to lose it, not even now.

Rewarding systems

Rewarding systems should also be in place to motivate your employees for further collaboration and cooperation. Use your innovation management software to make sure that everyone recognizes your most valuable associates.


What we found out and continue to notice is how companies are adjusting their business models without prior, carefully designed strategic plans, since they are forced to focus on the new reality. Before this global crisis, businesses could get away with using traditional methods in pursuing innovation goals. Companies could even perform innovation activities in a traditional manner, brainstorming in person, gathering a bunch of offline documents, etc. Today, to engage remote innovation teams, leaders must facilitate their efforts with online IT tools that support mutual collaboration. Organizational agility depends highly on the manager’s ability to implement convenient supporting software solutions to back up existing and create new, more suitable processes. It is clear by now that if a company’s management wants to survive this unsteady state that will last for an uncertain period of time, it will have to find a partner among the digital collaboration software vendors.

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