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Our partner in times of crisis: Cloud computing By Andjela - 3 min read

Our partner in times of crisis: Cloud computing

Humanity is fighting the battle against Coronavirus, and, currently, it is the fight of our greatest concern. Everything is closed down, flights and conferences are canceled and people are advised to stay at their homes. 

Despite the overall situation, technological innovation has made it possible for many people to work from their homes. The distributed system of functioning enables people to be devoted to the greater cause of stopping the spread of Coronavirus and to simultaneously continue with an uninterrupted contribution to the company. This is crucial for both financial and psychological performances affected by virus disruption. 

A certain set of internal and external factors is a prerequisite of your business success. While internal factors are mainly under your control, the external factors, such as the COVID-19 disaster outbreak, leave you just one option - to adapt. Today, more than ever, we rely on technology innovations to help us maintain the quality of performance and sustain the remote working model. The corporate world has become aware that cloud technology is its biggest partner in times of crisis already mitigating the pandemic reality. While it is really challenging to engage employees online, and only online, cloud offerings have the capacity to replace a great range of on-site interaction regardless of the employee’s location. The mobile workforce requires support increasingly, so we are facing the opportunity for creating even more innovations in the current situation. Moving towards this goal, it is important to think in terms of cloud technology. 

But, why cloud?

  • Business continuity is the issue of great impact since it is minimizing downtime and loss of productivity. If your data is stored in the cloud, it is backed up and protected in a secure and safe location;
  • Scalability saves your time providing greater flexibility;
  • Collaboration efficiency in a cloud environment enables you to communicate and share data and knowledge more easily, out of the scope of traditional methods;
  • Automatic updates give you access to the latest version of the software;
  • Reduced costs related to system upgrades, hardware & software, wages for experts, energy consumption, and, at last, fewer time delays.

Cloud computing provides security and flexibility for remote working

In recent years, cloud-based technology is taking scalability, availability, and security of these solutions to new heights. Cloud, as a disaster-averse system that can be used anywhere around the world, will be the most beneficial for businesses using it right now, because of the ability to protect data and support remote workers.

Let’s take the most obvious example - Innovation Cloud. It is being used by organizations worldwide, with their business units spread across countries, and people using it are engaging in innovation disregarding geographical or time boundaries. What’s happening with your current innovation project? What happens when you’re not able to perform on-premise brainstorming sessions? If you are working on a project across different locations, it’s best for you to use cloud-based software to give employees, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders access to the same files.

With a massive change in the working environment, a fresh perspective is guaranteed and we should all benefit from it. That is why proper tools are crucial to take capture of newly created value. And every time this world faces a challenge, we’ve witnessed outstanding people coming up with innovative solutions to solve current issues. 

We just shouldn’t let a catastrophe like this be the only thing that makes us generate fresh thinking. A new focus is something we can create every day, no matter the circumstances, and we are free to use these cloud-based, always accessible collaboration tools to share our vision with the ones who need it. 

Think about it while you’re washing your hands.

Andjela - Content creator
Content creator

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