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Stay connected and co-create with your customers during a crisis By Jovana - 2 min read

Stay connected and co-create with your customers during a crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic, we have learned about the significance of social distancing in order to reduce the spread of infection. On the other hand, no matter how big or small an organization is, social distancing puts a lot of pressure on the way they do business and/or run operations. Yet, it is becoming clear that organizations are relying more and more on different online, digital and collaboration tools to keep the operations running, and the same is true for the customers and consumers who are spending more time at home, usually watching TV or surfing on the internet. And here organizations can discover and exploit the immense opportunity for product innovation.

How to maximize customers’ feedback during the crisis?

In order to ensure that your organization is able to quickly and efficiently respond to changing customers’ needs during the crisis, you should consider to co-create with them. Co-creation is the process where organizations and consumers work together to create better ideas, products and services. In this process, customers have a seat at the head of the table and no pandemic will change that. Of course, digital tools play an important role in this process.

Feedback channels, like crowdsourcing tools that support open innovation with your customers, represent an ongoing conversation channel that will help you explore and understand the voice of the customers. Customers’ perspective will help companies develop new products and features that are aligned with their current and future needs.

How can digital solutions assist an organization to collect and analyze customers’ feedback?

Digital feedback solutions provide an easy way for customers to submit their own comments over digital and mobile channels — enabling organizations to gather customers’ feedback on product ideas or even some burning business challenges.

Innovation Cloud Enterprise provides a unique way for client-oriented organizations to listen to the voice of the customers, collect valuable feedback  and acquire new perspectives and insights about their products and services. The feedback submitted through your web pages goes directly into your innovation management environment where it can be easily analyzed, measured and acted upon. As Innovation Cloud is an online and collaborative innovation management software, you will have a structured, streamlined and intuitive way to go through that feedback, understand it and act on it. And, most importantly, do all that from the safety of your home.

By having an easy-to-use and engaging method in place to collect customers’ feedback and collaborate around their product ideas, organizations are able to help safeguard their own product innovation during the crisis and be well prepared for the time after the crisis, as well.

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