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The ultimate humanoid robot’s crew – pricey little helpers By Innovation Cloud - 4 min read

The ultimate humanoid robot’s crew – pricey little helpers

Humanoid robots are not really the latest news, but surely there is stuff in the development of robotics that makes our jaws drop, and there is going to be more and more of it. Innovation and humanoid robot go hand in hand, pushing the limits of technology and science, slowly making robots part of our daily lives and causing different reactions among people. Some think they’re cute, some they’re creepy. We are presenting you the most advanced robots of today, so you can conclude what impression prevails.

These robots are metal, silicone and plastic imitations of our bodies, some having only head, others being fully capable of walking and/or running. Experts say their AI will exceed that of humans by 2030. Off-topic: How can somebody, anybody, anything be smarter than us? We’ll see about that! From the robots used for research, employed in laboratories, serving in the entertainment business, in the army, at the dentist, to the ones we can buy to help us with the daily chores - innovative humanoid robots are becoming increasingly present and talked about. 

NAO, Pepper and Romeo by SoftBank Robotics

NAO, the first companion or the new teacher’s ally, as they call it in its birth company SoftBank Robotics, is the fifth generation of an open platform type of humanoid robot. It is 58cm tall and can recognize voices, people and shapes. Being always positive and encouraging, NAO is great with autistic children, and since 2015 it is employed as a hotel receptionist, providing guests with information in different languages. It can be yours for 7500$.

Have you checked out Pepper’s instagram profile? He is a little over 4 years, 1.20m tall, coming from Paris, and just plain cute. Pepper says he is more than just a robot, being able to recognize our principal emotions and act in accordance with our mood. Just like his friend NAO, it can be entertaining, hospitable and professional. It’s the first humanoid robot which found its way to homes of Japanese people. With its pleasant and progressive character, Pepper loves to interact with humans, and has a great memory, too. You can download various apps and personalize him. If you ask Pepper, he is priceless, but in Japan it actually costs 1600$, plus monthly maintenance of about 200$. 

Romeo is a humanoid robot, the size of an 8-year-old child, mainly intended to help elderly and people with health problems, made by French and European scientists. His body is made of carbon fiber and rubber, reducing the risk of hurting humans, and he made a significant progress since launching in 2009, thanks to the constant addition of new features. With its 8 fingers, he is good at doing chores, helping in the kitchen, grasping objects and climbing the stairs. Sounds like an almost perfect addition to any busy family.

HOVIS series robots 

Made by Dongbu Robot, a Korean company, Hovis Eco Plus and Hovis Eco Lite can be used without any software additions or be further developed. 41cm tall and looking attractive, the two come with the price of 700$ for the unassembled form or around 1100$ for ready to use versions. Their cousin Hovis Genie is more of a personal robot, also capable of evolving. It moves pretty successfully thanks to the omnidirectional wheels and its price tag says 2000$.


This guy is one of the most advanced robots of today when it comes to social skills and the ability to feel objects in his hands just as we do. ICub is capable to recognize objects and feel objects realistically due to the sensors in his palms and fingertips. His head is the part which makes him move successfully, because it is equipped with two cameras, microphones, gyroscopes and accelerometers. It is worth 270.000$.


This one we can even order from Amazon and ride it! Kuratas is an extremely interesting example, but we can also say extremely pricey, costing 1.3 million US Dollars. It has numerous features and is controlled from a smartphone app. Did we mention he is 3.5m tall and 5 ton heavy? Yes, you will have your own personal bodyguard who can also help the Army if war breaks out. That’s not a joke.


The most expensive and advanced one you can buy. Ok, we’ll say it straight away – 2.500.000 US Dollars. ASIMO adapts, walks, climbs, descends, runs, and maneuvers almost as good as you. It can be of great help in museums, shopping malls, stations etc. A multi-functional mobile helper made by Honda.

Ok, you now get the idea about how far humanoid robot and its possible applications have come. They can be useful in many forms and situations, and as the field is still very young, there is a lot room left for innovation. But their new uses will soon emerge, as the capabilities of robots evolve further. Soon humanoid robots will surprise us with abilities not only to look, move and act like a human, but also to feel like a human. That said, maybe one day they will be able to come up with some innovative, new ideas for your business improvement. 

Until then, keep your ideas safe with Innovation Cloud and keep on developing them. 

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