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Information as the key asset in your innovation process By Deana - 3 min read

Information as the key asset in your innovation process

Demands of businesses and individuals are changing and evolving at an immense rate and it is getting harder to keep up with ever-changing trends. In such a complex and dynamic world, accurate and on-time information is a valuable asset. Thanks to innovative technologies, you can harness and analyse a lot of data and obtain the information crucial for your business development. You have plenty of software at your disposal to choose from which will boost the efficiency of your business. Information accelerates the innovation process as well, so it is important to make a transition from an intuition-driven business to data-driven business. Having the right information will benefit your whole business on so many different levels:

  • New revenue opportunities

  • More effective marketing ‒ advanced target marketing, more powerful campaigns, customized messages

  • Better customer service  happier customers  loyal customers

  • Improved operational efficiency  cost reduction  higher profit

  • Competitive advantage

  • Better decision making

  • Acceleration of innovations

  • Business growth

  • Avoiding risk

  • Minimization and prevention of damage

  • New jobs

It has never been easier to collect and store huge amounts of data. More and more people, devices and sensors are getting connected through the internet every day. Individuals, businesses, buildings and cities are getting interconnected and represent a whole new ecosystem of data which is being constantly harnessed. Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, AI, and Cloud Services are all working together to acquire the most out of this data. The end result  accurate and prompt information which helps you make educated business decisions. Through these innovative technologies and others such as Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning and Text Mining, you can find out hidden patterns in behaviour, preferences, trends and their correlations.
These real-time insights enable you to become more proactive and bold in the decision-making process. It also gives you the possibility to have a holistic view of complex data problems and make connections between isolated silos of data which used to be a problem in the past. This doesn’t just affect the quantity of data, but the quality as well. Information that you obtain improves every aspect of your business operations.
With such key information, your business will accelerate its innovation process and develop better products and services which will not only match your customers’ expectations but may as well exceed them. Happy customers translate into higher customer retention rates as well as the acquisition of new customers.
Having insight into patterns of behaviour, trends and your customers’ preferences will help your marketing team as well. All this information enables your marketing team to perform advanced target marketing activities and create customized messages for almost every individual customer. Now you are able to create such powerful campaigns to which your customers will respond more than ever.
Let’s not forget how important information/feedback collection is for your innovation endeavors. With proper tools in place, all your data can be used to improve your innovation process and decision-making overall.

Innovation Cloud is a uniquely designed software that helps your business not only in the innovation process but throughout all of its activities and operations. It can easily be integrated into any business software you might be using, and collect more data from it. This not only enriches your innovation process but with its real-time insights enables you to track every step of your project and ensures you make the right decisions when needed. Thanks to Big Data and Machine Learning, Innovation Cloud gets the best out of all data you collect and transforms it in valuable information ready to be used. These key information will provide you with the competitive advantage you need and make sure you develop products and services based on your customers’ exact needs and desires. Making it a win-win situation for everyone!

Deana - Content creator
Content creator

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