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Innovation trends to follow in 2021 By Andjela - 3 min read

Innovation trends to follow in 2021

The technological era has already shaped the last several decades but it seems like it is only beginning. And it looks like that at this moment we can finally get a sense of the bigger picture and the way it’s heading. Technology affects how our lives change over time and it has become a central piece in commercial use as well as in alternative, special purposes like in specific businesses’ research and development centers. Take a closer look at the hottest trends in 2021 and get prepared to innovate your way into the future.

Fintech and banking

Fintech companies have had great success in advising their clients on how to achieve financial health. Financial health scores that rely on actual account data are expected to assist the development of financial health platforms.

Speaking of platforms, let’s not forget about banking-as-a-service – a future of banking and financial services. Why do we mention this as the most prominent future trend in banking? Because this is the way for banks to improve their core systems and offer new products and services, while fintechs can easily integrate their innovative services with the use of APIs. The mutual partnership is accelerating innovation, driven by a constant quest for an easier way for banks and fintechs to partner with each other.

Also, enabling companies to make wage payments through multiple crypto-currencies is the newest trend anticipated to be widely adopted. Crypto payroll is the hottest tech innovation in the fintech and banking industry. Are you mining yet?

Artificial intelligence

AI and machine learning, the driving force behind technological innovations worldwide, are spreading their influence across industries and functional areas. Every day, new algorithms are being designed to prepare us to face new challenges. For early adopters, let’s mention a couple of hottest trends: cognitive computing, predictive maintenance, context-aware computing, advanced robotics.

Advancements that took place in robotics are important for higher agility and precision of the processes. This innovation is further evolving to free up your time for creative, high-value tasks that can’t be delegated to robots… yet. For now, the trend is to develop and perfect autonomous robots in manufacturing industries, collaborative robots, humanoids, mobile, and cloud robotics. What else can we expect in 2021?

Recently, the artificial intelligence group DeepMind has cracked a serious scientific problem that couldn’t be solved for over 50 years. Allegedly, their latest AI program can predict how proteins fold into 3D shapes, a knowledge fundamental to understand how biological life is functioning. This may have opened up the way to revolutionizing medicine, agriculture, and tackling plastic pollution, so stay tuned with this trend.

Cloud computing

The most unpredictable year 2020 is slowly coming to a close and cloud computing will be remembered as our greatest partner throughout it. It supported a massive change in the working environment, and it continues to evolve still. One of the trends regarding cloud computing is the cloudless server, a technology that provides space to work without the pressure to operate or manage physical servers. Also, one of the top fastest-growing cloud technologies in 2020.

Speed, control, and security. These are the features characterizing hybrid cloud environments. In terms of distributed workforce, better data-sharing between partners working across multiple applications and standards is going to make or break successful businesses in the ‘new normal’. You may want to consider using hybrid cloud computing in 2021.

Challenges give us the framework for innovation and, today, the major focus is on optimizing processes of production and management while reducing the overall costs. Emerging technologies show rapid growth in order to enable companies to tackle all these challenges. May this article assist you in choosing potentially disruptive technologies to invest in during the next year.

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