Idea Management Increase the value of your ideation pipeline with superior ideas which are fully aligned with your business objectives and goals

Enterprise Ideas software enables you to direct the creative potential of your employees and professional network towards your core organizational objectives. Improve the output quality of the ideation cycle, allocate company resources to selected and priortized ideas. The system allows both ideation on targeted campaigns identified by senior management as well as non-directed ideation resulting from the ongoing creative waves present in your organization. This combined approach ensures that all contributors are provided with both a clear ideation direction and the opportunity to freely voice their creative opinions, which will greatly enhance the overall commitment and engagement to any ideation activities.

Please have a closer look at all the benefits which our ideation platform can provide to your company: Innovation Cloud Enterprise - Ideas app & Challenge app

Facilitate structured, collaborative, global ideation

  • Establish an engaged and efficient ideation community which co-creates high quality ideas whilst remaining fully connected through collaborative social features.
  • Drastically accelerate the review and decision process by funneling ideas through a workflow reflecting your business strategy and evaluation criteria, progressing only with the most relevant and promising ideas.
  • Engage with external experts, consumers and suppliers to further enrich the outcome of the ideation cycle through a centralized, yet flexible ideation platform.

Focus employees creative thinking on core business challenges

  • Launch engaging, time-bound challenges to streamline the ideation energy with the specific business needs or organizational requests.
  • Obtain full control and visibility over each ideation challenge through customizing the ideation workflow and evaluation criteria.
  • Boost participation rate and contribution levels within the community through embedded gamification techniques and rewards allocation features.

Measure the output for an ongoing flow of high quality ideas

  • Reflect your organizational design and operational practices throug customizing the workflow with specific role access, scoring and evaluation criteria.

  • Design focused ideation efforts through the intuitive set-up and management of the ideation platform.

  • Extract detailed analytical performance reports on the workflow initiatives to maximize the return of your investments.

Turn your crowd into active contributors

  • Invite your online community to share their perspectives and feedback in order to discover new opportunities or address key problems faster and cost-effectively
  • Get in touch with your customers and hear their thoughts about your ideas for new products or services before you start investing in it
  • Efficiently analyze, manage and measure collected feedback to quickly identify solutions that can be acted upon

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