Product Development Maximize resource deployment and development success rate through flexible automation of all underlying development processes

Enterprise Innovations software enables you to diligently manage the company’s development portfolio through an optimal allocation of the available resources to the prioritised projects across all stages of the development cycle. Flawless delivery of development projects requires installing a flexible degree of business automation and intelligence gathering, whether for the actual project execution itself or for more mid- to long- term business and/or innovation portfolio planning. Accelerate the project delivery cycle leveraging the power of a centralized platform which consolidates all project related documentation whilst connecting people across organizational boundaries for improved decision making based on fully customizable decision pathways.

Flexible and optimized idea-to-launch workflow

  • Boost operating efficiency by incorporating worksheets, activities and templates into visible, structured and streamlined processes with automatic task delegation to assigned cross-functional team members.
  • Blueprint a fully customizable project review cycle providing the assigned stakeholders with custom gate deliverables, reports and presentations for optimal decision making.
  • Integrate advanced warnings on potential project delivery issues through use of pre-defined Key Performance Indicators on critical aspects like timing, resources or planning.

Team dynamics for effective project delivery

  • Drive effective project management and optimal team dynamics across all stages of the project life cycle, ensuring on-time progress of all project activities
  • Ensure in-full project delivery by enabling expertise integration at each level of the project execution, while keeping strict access and governance control.
  • Safeguard on-budget project delivery through optimal integration of all project documentation within a well organized work space, avoiding redundant resource allocation against data retrieval for decision reporting

Efficient collaboration with online documents editor

  • Easily edit and collaborate on business documents in real-time with document editing tool, highly compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenDocument file formats

  • Save time and effort by directly editing documents in your IC Environment without constantly downloading, editing and uploading documents

  • Open documents without distortions, make quick changes and work with your colleagues in fast co-editing mode

Structured and data driven decision making

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of the project decision cycle utilising transparent and understandable steps with automatic invitation of key decision makers
  • Assess project delivery capabilities based on a factual analysis of available resources
  • Accelerate the throughput of project decision meetings with automated preparation of key deliverables and automatic creation of presentations integrating all relevant project information

Organizational productivity with performance reports

  • Perform multi-dimensional analysis across the complete ideation and product delivery cycle using customized reports and presentations
  • Compress costs and delivery time with real-time analytics and actionable data to the key stakeholders deciding on development execution and implementation of the overall innovation strategy
  • Maximize the return on investment through accurate engagement and performance metrics for ongoing optimization of the ongoing innovation initiatives

Strategic Innovation Planning

  • Establish a coherent and company-wide Innovation Planning providing clear direction on markets, products and technologies against which to prioritize the available development resources
  • Monitor the ongoing alignment of the innovation project portfolio against predefined targets while providing data and insights feeding continued adaptation of the overall innovation strategy
  • Execute risk limiting on the innovation portfolio through real-time visibility of both the output and spending across market and product segments

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