Market Tracking

Increase the success rate of your innovation initiatives
through responsive analysis of the in-market performance versus the planned objectives.

Innovation Cloud Markets enables you to establish an integrative view on the post-launch market performance of the various innovation initiatives present in the innovation portfolio. Increase the organizational responsiveness based on an ongoing analysis of the various performance metrics (KPI’s) collected, relevant market data and competitive insights. Use the factual insights gathered to adapt the operational execution of the innovation strategy, to modify the nature and/or composition of the innovation portfolio or to provide guidance to new ideation and innovation cycles targeted to fill-in the identified market opportunities.

Track evolution of launched innovation initiatives

  • Avoid any disruptions in the innovation launch schedule by consolidating all innovation initiatives and related documentation into one centralized and easily accessible platform.

  • Identify fact-driven business opportunities which will drive further revenue growth and/or drive brand equity.

  • Align your innovation investments with the outcome of ongoing product portfolio analysis having identified the stable mature markets, the (potential new) growth markets or areas ready for investment.

Outpace competition analyzing in-market performance

  • Establish your competitive business intelligence on relevant companies, products and/or services by consolidating and tracking all relevant market information into one centalized platform.

  • Feed the internal decision making process on new business and/or technological opportunities by integrating market trends and competitive performance insights.

  • Provide relevant information and data analysis enabling an ongoing SWOT-analysis of the innovation portfolio.

Leverage market intelligence to focus new ideation cycles

  • React quickly to changing market environments or evolving product performance expectations based on valuable knowlegde, metrics and reports extracted from the gathered market intelligence.

  • Facilitate effective operational management with full visibility on the complete innovation portfolio.

  • Provide real-time innovation portfolio statistics for any decision process to be efficiently executed.

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