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Meme marketing – an innovative way to engage your customers By Andjela - 4 min read

Meme marketing – an innovative way to engage your customers

Meme culture

Meme culture is an evolving culture driven by social phenomena worldwide. It is becoming increasingly dominant across different channels of communication and even becoming a form of communication itself. At first, there were certain communities amusing themselves with memes, sharing them with the online crowd, and with the constant growth of this innovative trend, today we witness social media drowning in memes. People even find it easy to communicate memes outside the internet, into their daily conversations.

However, as many of us find memes as a very popular way to elicit humor through pictures and captions, companies use it as a powerful tool to brand their products and services and increase the engagement of their followers on social media.

Meme marketing

Meme marketing is often referred to as “the future of social media”, and not only do we agree with this, but we are making another statement: the future is here! Businesses, especially today, tend to come up with innovative ways to capture the attention of their audience. Innovation like Meme marketing is a strategy that many companies embraced to achieve outstanding results in marketing their products and services.

Some would say that creating memes is an easy way to share information in a fun and memorable way, showcase company culture and brand personality through relatable content, or simply engage wider audiences. These are indeed the benefits of using meme marketing, but it is far from an easy task. Besides a strategy, you will need a creative team, and a way to channel their creativity to express core messages you wish to send to your existing and potential customers.

Innovation that matters

A huge number of brands back up their daily social media marketing efforts with memes. Different studies show that an average internet user spends around 90 minutes a day on social media. Now, with the ongoing crisis, these numbers went up which means more space for brands to fill with meme-related content. Meme marketing is not the conventional way of marketing, which is why different industry incumbents are less likely to use it online. On the other hand, the benefits are numerous. Memes can make you laugh and connect with others. So why not connect your brand’s voice with the online crowd in a funny way?

Meme marketing is indeed an innovation in marketing that is here to stay. Also, memes are a widespread source of innovation in various industries. When you find one innovation fueling more innovations, it’s like you’ve found a gold mine. The reason why innovation is valued today more than ever is that it seems like every good idea is already taken and materialized. So dig into this mother lode of innovation and make the relationship with your customers strong and long-lasting.

How to conduct Meme marketing

Any image or video can make a meme. Sometimes they go viral, sometimes they don’t. Even though we can’t predict which meme will go viral, or why in particular that happens, it is recommended to specify your strategy for using meme marketing instead of jumping to it straight away. It shouldn’t be forced, because customers can sense if your memes are out of place and it may hurt your reputation.

Memes often affect the language customers use online. Every company that wants to use meme marketing has to be aware of how to translate its marketing messages the right way. Given how popular memes are, you will want to target your audience properly and cater to their interests. That means knowing their sense of humor and defining your brand’s voice. Also, be relatable - if you’re failing to put your marketing message through, it doesn’t matter if it’s funny.

In meme marketing, it is recommended to create your own, branded memes. It is not easy, but there are ways to begin with. Using an existing meme has its advantages, but make sure it is still trending on social media. In another scenario, if you’re using your own, you have to take care to stay in touch with the cultural climate. And definitely, the most important tip is not to overuse memes… just don’t.

Innovation Cloud and Meme marketing

When this kind of innovation is skyrocketing, companies tend to find the easiest way to sail into these waters. During these critical times, when most of your employees are out of the office, it is pretty hard for most companies to gather their creative teams to work on these kinds of projects. However, if meme marketing is a strategy you want your business to pursue, the Innovation Cloud Ideas application is an effective way to do it. Gather teams from all over the world and focus their creative potential on making viral content for your company without any time and/or geographical boundaries.

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